The Hampton’s: A Health Success Story

Editorial Note: This is a guest post by Karla Jean Hampton. The content herein belongs to Mrs. Hampton and is printed here as a first-right piece.  Karla Jean Hampton   As my husband and I were entering into our 11th … Learn how tragedy turned into triumph for the Hampton family!

Juices & Smoothies

Excerpt of A Beginners Guide to Juices and Smoothies: Common Preservatives

On January 22, 2014, A Beginners Guide to Juices and Smoothies was released to the public by Healing with Juices. The guide lays the foundation for understanding the health choices made every day with choosing products found in neat packages … Read the excerpt below


Naan Mushroom-Olive Pizza Recipe

Pizza: I love it. I have loved it since I was a kid. It seems like the perfect food for so many reasons. It’s fun to eat and versatile. Everyone can build their own. What I love most about this … You’ll love this quick and easy pizza recipe!

Health & Fitness

The Mile Count – #EhlersDanlosSyndrome

One-tenth, two-tenths, three… I track miles on my treadmill. These numbers mean more to me than just the distance, at each turn, they are showing me just how far I’ve come from laying in my bed, begging for God to … More miles means …


Amy’s Gluten-Free Review: Thai Pad Thai

As I learned recently, all work and no play is a recipe for a disaster. Considering it was all I could do to drag myself (even with special massage treatment) out of bed and to work with a severe back … Is Amy’s Gluten-Free Pad Thai worth your money? Read more to find out!

Spiritual Health

Healing With Jesus – Not Juices

When Mysti called me all those months ago, ecstatic that we would be hosting a health conference in June, we never could have imagined how different things would be as we now near that once etched-in-stone date. Each of our … Learn why Raw Juice Girl struggled to bring Healing with Juices to its full potential….


Organic Gardening 101: Compost Bins

Compost helps prevent pollution. – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Paving the Way to Organic Gardening When you think of organic gardening, what comes to mind first? Is it luscious greens for your salad? Deep red tomatoes, ripe for the pickin’? Or … Learn how to make your own compost bin!

Beauty & Fashion

Fun Facials for Fantabulous Faces!

Winter is almost over – finally! That means there will be lots of outdoor activities: dining alfresco, time spent at the beach, weddings, pool parties… With all these events, you want to look your absolute best, right? And you don’t … Make face masks from edible ingredients!

Local Living

Loving Myself Through Chiropractic Care

“You need to take care of yourself and come in for regular adjustments, Michele.” “You know you’re only covering up the problem with those natural pills.” “At least come in for an adjustment once a month.” These are the famous … Can you really afford NOT to take care of yourself?

From the Editor

Is Self-Care Underrated?

Dear Readers, Have you ever noticed people who give with all their hearts all the time? These are the people who are always going to work no matter how they feel and giving in the community – giving their time and … read more