Fruit Smoothie: Blueberry-Banana

Powdered vitamins are a wonderful way to add even more nutrients to your smoothies or juices. I know I’ve written a lot about smoothies as I am building this site. (Really, you’re getting the juices from the veggies and fruits once you blend them up.) But there will be tons of information and recipes for raw juices (juiced in the juicing machine) soon. They’re a huge part of my life. I’m also pulling my thoughts together for an ebook with smoothie and juice recipes, tips, and health benefits. Feel free to comment and give feedback as to what you’d like to see included in the ebook.

I simply adore using my creativity to throw together tasty smoothies. This morning I was in the mood for blueberries and I didn’t want this one to be really thick. If you like your smoothies to have the consistency of a milkshake, you’ll want to add less liquid. For this one, I added a whole cup of herbal tea. You’d probably only want to add 1/2 to 3/4 cup or so. Just add a little at a time, stopping for taste tests, until you get it just right for you. In fact, the cup of tea made this smoothie a little too “runny” for me, so I added about 2 tablespoons of raw, unsweetened coconut and blended it just a little more. That thickened it up right away!

Blueberry-Banana Smoothie Recipe:

This recipe is overflowing with health benefits! The ground flax seeds and raw, unsweetened coconut are loaded with fiber which help promote a healthy bowel. Having healthy bowel movements has been known to help prevent cancer and disease. Blueberries are small treasures bursting at the seams with antioxidants and they’ve been known to improve eyesight and fight cancer as well. You get tons of omegas from the ground flax seeds–a nutrient a lot of people are deficient in. Omegas help your hair, skin, and eyes. Have dry, itchy skin? Dry eyes? Unhealthy hair? Add the ground flax seeds to your smoothies! I try to get in as many as I can each day. That’s why I love incorporating the ground flax into my smoothies, steel cut oats, and any other ways I can think up.

It turned out to be a sweet beauty with just the right consistency I was going after and really filled me up. I love the “full feeling” I get from smoothies. It helps me not want to splurge on treats that are just empty calories and have no health benefits.

So, do you like your smoothies really thick or a sort of runny? Did you realize how many health benefits are in foods like raw, unsweetened coconut and ground flax seeds? Are you someone who has been living on donuts for breakfast but want to feel energized, healthy, and ready for the day–instead of bloated, groggy, constipated, and sleepy before you even start your day? Join in the comments!

And keep your eyes open. In the future I’ll be selling an ebook on this topic (at a fair price).

Here’s to life, health, and healing with (raw) juices!

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2 comments on “Fruit Smoothie: Blueberry-Banana

  1. I took a BIIG note on this website and we’ll come back to discover it. I am a big fun of fruits and always open on anything new and good about them.

  2. Welcome to Healing with Juices, Sidi! I’m so glad you stopped by and decided to jump right in with a comment.

    I love fruits and veggies, and as a vegetarian, they make up a lot of my diet. I love smoothies and juices too because you’re really getting loads of their nutrients right into your blood stream.


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