Juice Fasting Cleanse: Do You Eat Processed Meat?

Today’s post is just a summary but I’m working on a series about juice fasting – including delicious recipes! So, be sure to subscribe to my feed via RSS or E-mail, so you won’t miss even one of the updates.

I came across this video and wanted to share it with my readers. A healthy gut and colon are crucial for a long, healthy life. If you’ve eaten a lot of processed meat, a juice fast is a great idea. It will help to cleanse your organs, colon, and give your digestion a much-needed rest. It’s also a very “zen” experience.

In the upcoming juice fasting series I’ll talk about a few different topics including:

  • how you’ll feel those first few days
  • what to expect during the process
  • recipes to target the different organs, for energy, and even to move the bowels
  • how your body can heal itself during a juice fast
  • and lots more!

Take a look at this video first, though, and be thinking about what’s really important in life. Would you rather continue eating unhealthy, processed meats and other foods (and feeling the brain fog, stiffness all over, and suffering from constipation or diarrhea), or would you like to take hold of the reins and steer yourself toward a vibrant, nutritious, and long life? It’s the question I asked myself when I began my journey. I’ve now lost over 100 pounds and that’s only a small piece of the big ole rewards I’m reaping.

I’m going to share everything about my own juice fasting journey, including how my bladder and colon were healed, in my upcoming ebook. Once it’s ready, I’ll have it for sale on this site. I’m taking suggestions for the content, so if you have any questions you’d love to have the answers to regarding juice fasting, juice or smoothie recipes, or anything related to the topic, drop me a line, and I’ll consider incorporating your ideas.

Here’s to life, health, and healing with juices!

Oh, and don’t forget to watch the video! And, if you really want to make a life change after watching it, be sure to check out Gillian McKeith. I have several of her books and find them very helpful and inspiring.

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9 comments on “Juice Fasting Cleanse: Do You Eat Processed Meat?

  1. Very interesting topic. I’m animal product free, but I’ve always played with the idea of a juice fast, just to “start fresh”! I’ll be looking forward to recipes!

  2. Well, I consider myself vegetarian but I do have organic, omega eggs sometimes and once in a while I’ll have honey. Other than that, I only eat veggies and fruit, and sometimes fish. Then there are the times I juice fast for long periods. I can honestly say that I’ve never experienced anything as calming, peaceful, and invigorating as juice fasting. I could go on and on. :-)

    I’m glad you enjoyed the post!

    Juice Girl

  3. Isn’t this weird. My friend and I were just talking about juice fasting this afternoon and then I found you at Amy’s blog.

    My hubby and I did a juice fast a while ago but only for five days. It was a strictly orange juice fast but if I do it again it will be fruits and veggies and however often I need to “eat.” It was difficult at first because I felt faint and light-headed as though not getting enough during the day (the limit was 9 oranges, I think?), but by the fifth day I was feeling pretty good! I would have gone on (it was supposed to be 21 days), but when my hubby caved, I did too!

    I don’t eat meat or fish, and I haven’t missed it since I quit eating it about five years ago. For a long time I also stayed clear of wheat, sugar, and dairy. But cheese is my very favourite food…and the spelt bread at the store sucked and mine never turned out that great. So the wheat has come back into my diet as well. Sugar is also there again. But I can feel I need to go back to eating much more veggies and fruit, to steer clear of more processed foods. Growing our own garden is helping that: there is NOTHING like veggies picked fresh! I miss juicing as much as we did, too. The cleanup is a deterrent, even though the taste is unbeatable!

    Maybe if I start reading more of your site, I’ll feel more inspired to get back on track. I’m hoping so! Thanks for this post.

    stephs last blog post..In Other Words

  4. That is weird, Steph! (Welcome to Healing with Juices, by the way!)

    Like I just commented on your blog, I wouldn’t drink just orange juice for several days. Your body needs various nutrients and orange juice can’t provide that.

    I’ve completed 21 day juice fasts – and lots longer – but you have to work your way up to the longer fasts and it happens over time, not overnight. That’s one of the most frustrating parts of the journey, but it really pays off to dig deep and find the patience and motivation.;-)

    I do eat fish – sometimes. But I don’t eat meat. I find that if I eat fish and organic/omega eggs once in a while, and focus on mostly raw veggies and fruits as well as lots of fruit and veggie smoothies and juices, I do pretty well. I don’t like processed foods, though. I don’t drink soda. I do drink organic coffee, juices, smoothies, water, and herbal tea. That’s pretty much it. Oh, and I wouldn’t touch cow’s milk (unless it was truly certified organic). I don’t like loading the body with too much soy either. Soy milk occasionally might be ok, but I prefer almond milk or rice milk – organic, of course. I don’t like those flavored waters, either. Nope. They’re not natural. That’s my opinion of things, though, and not everyone wants to live like I do.

    I agree, the fresh garden veggies are just TO DIE FOR! Tomatoes and cucumbers… Girl, you’ve made me hungry! hehehe

    I do hope you enjoy this site, Steph. I have TONS of information crammed in my head from lots of experience with fasting, juice fasting, cleansing, and so much more. I’m just trying to figure out how to break it all up and share it in sections on this blog and in my books. Hope I can achieve that for my readers!

    In the end, we have one body and one chance at life – unless we’re very lucky or experience a miracle of some sort! So, it pays to nourish our body and cherish our health. 😉

    Michele, aka: Juice Girl

  5. Yep, it’s me! 😉 This is a new site and it’s just in the baby stages. I have lots to do! My brain is overflowing with ideas and an editor suggested I write several ebooks instead of just the one because I have so many different ideas. Ha! I’m going to do that, though – break the information up in different ebooks. Somehow I’ll figure everything out as I go along. Isn’t that what freelancing is about?! hehehe

    Glad you like the site. Yeah, the fruit in the header looks delish!


    Michele, aka: Juice Girls last blog post..Why You SHOULD Use Free E-mail

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