Pickin’ Pears is Priceless!

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Michele L. Tune aka Juice Girl

Imagine not having to drive to the store and spend a small fortune for organic pears…

Isn’t that a nice thought? Well, for me, it’s more than a thought! My kind neighbors have a pear tree and they didn’t plan on doing anything with the pears it grew this year so they asked if I’d like to pick them. Would I ever?! So, this bin of pears you see is some of what I got. I put some up in the freezer and the rest I used for juicing. Pear juice is delish! I love that the recipe is so quick and simple and tasty. It is a great recipe to try if you’re just starting out (if you like pears).

After a good washin’ in the sink, the pears were ready for a trip through the juicing machine.

As you can see (below), six pears made approximately 12 oz. of juice. If you’d like 16 oz (a full glass), just throw in a couple more pears.

Official recipe:

  • 6-8 big pears, chopped to fit through the top of your juicing machine

This juice is not only delicious, it’s very healthy for you.

Fun Fact:

Did you know that pears are members of the rose family! And, they’re related to apples? It’s true!

Some nutrients your body will drink up from the pear juice:

  • fiber
  • vitamin C
  • copper
  • vitamin K
  • antioxidants!!!

A few health benefits:

  1. The vitamin C and copper found in pears act as antioxidants and help protect your body against free radicals.
  2. Vitamin C also boosts your immune system.
  3. The fiber in pears not only helps promote a healthy bowel (by preventing constipation) but works to lower your cholesterol! It also helps prevent colon cancer because it binds to cancer-causing chemicals that accumulate in your colon and drags them right out of your body.

I hope you enjoy your pear juice, and all it’s benefits!

(Health information from http://www.whfoods.com/)

Have you ever enjoyed the taste of pear juice? Do you love or detest pears? Are you new to the idea of raw juices or have you been juicing raw fruits and veggies for decades? Do you add anything to your pear juice or prefer it as is? Jump right into the comments and share! We’d love to hear from you.

Here’s to life, health, and healing with (raw) juices!

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8 comments on “Pickin’ Pears is Priceless!

  1. Hi Mark!

    Yes, raw juices are amazing! Some folks juice fast with the juices from the store, but they don’t have the living enzymes found in fresh, raw juices. I wish you the best on your juicing journey! And, welcome to Healing with (Raw) Juices; come back to visit anytime!

  2. I just got a brand new juicer for X-mas and I am so excited to start juicing every day. I love your site by the way. Found it by looking for juicing recipes. And yes, I LOVE pears! =) I’m going to stop by Whole Foods and pick up some organics today. Thanks!

  3. Thanks, Mark! Hope you had a blessed Christmas! :-)

    @Lori – I love healthy foods! I have so many visions for this site – and the eBooks that will be featured here with recipes, tips, etc. – and I’m going to do my best to pull it all together in the new year. I’m excited about all that’s to come!

    And, I love your veggie blog, by the way! :-)

    @Alex – Thanks so much for stopping by! I think you’ll love your juicer – especially how you feel after making fresh, live juices with it!

    I hope all of you enjoy a fantabulous 2009, filled with health and good things!

    Michele a.k.a Juice Girl

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