News: Update from the Homefront


News on the Contest(s)!!

Just popping in to let you know that I’ve been working super hard for you all!!  Before the end of this month, will be hosting our first ever contest! That’s right! I haven’t decided which of the prizes I’ve received so far will be offered in this first giveaway, but I’m reviewing the products right now and will be posting about this month’s contest prize soon. Once I post the review, you’ll know what’s up for grabs and the contest will begin! I’ll be using to generate the contest winners. When the winner is decided, the lucky Healing with (Raw) Juices’ reader will be receiving their prize(s) in the mail (yeah, some of these contests will be offering combo prizes and you’ll receive more than one gift at once!). Yipee!

I’m bursting at the seams and would love to spill the beans about what these prizes are–but that’d spoil the fun for you!! How about a little hint? Some of these products are from Raw Food Chefs!! Eeek!!! How exciting, eh?

Spring has Sprung!

Spring is here, y’all! And I’m so super excited to be able to bring these amazingly healthy prizes to you. Life is precious; it’s what we make it. Let’s make it the best we can so we can live long, happy and healthy lives on this beautiful Earth!

Sneak Peek at Amish farm critters!!

If you remember my confessions from an Amish farm post, you might like seeing a couple of the critters: mama sheep and her baby lamb. Aw!! So sweet!!!


I’m getting lots of questions about when the Amish blog will be up and running (and I don’t mind them at all!!). Well, with my writing assignments, chores on the farm, and all these upcoming contests, I’m falling behind on my blog work. I assure you that the Amish blog will be worth the wait–and as soon as I figure out all the video/podcasting stuff you’ll get to see for yourself why I’m so scarce around the blogosphere lately. 😉

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Here’s to life, health, and healing with (RAW) juices!!

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4 comments on “News: Update from the Homefront

  1. I really can’t wait to learn more about the Amish farm. I’m absolutely fascinated, and now that you’ve said there will be videos, I’m looking forward to it even more. But take your time. Each blog is a big project (don’t I know it!). Love the picture of the mama sheep and baby lamb. Aww!

  2. Thanks, Melissa! It is fascinating. :-)

    And, yes, each blog is a big project! LOL

    I do love the baby sheep. He’s adorable. Mama sheep is a little contrary, though! :-(

    Just wait ’till you see our baby goat!!


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