Moo MiniCards from FoodBuzz Arrived!

Hi, y’all!! Hope you’ve been enjoying this beautiful weather as much as I have!

We have lots to catch up on….

The other day Danica from Danica’s Daily posted that she received her free Moo MiniCards, compliments of FoodBuzz. I commented and she asked if I’d share when I got my cards, too. So, Danica, here they are! How exciting, huh?


I forgot to take a photo of the back of the package, but Moo chooses to leave a lighter footprint on our beautiful Earth by using recycled materials for the box the cards arrive in and they also print the cards on paper retrieved from sustainable forests!! Give ’em a hand for being an eco-friendly company!


I love these little MiniCards. They’re small, convenient to carry, and on the back they have all the important info: my name, website URL, e-mail address, and that I’m a Featured FoodBuzz Publisher. Love them! Definitely check out the site. They’re a fun, creative company!!

A big, heartfelt THANK YOU to FoodBuzz and Moo!!

Keep watching for more contests: you’ll be competing for organic coconut oil, raw nuts, goji berries, raw nut butters, more books and DVDs, and more–so don’t miss out on upcoming posts!

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