Living Tree Community Raw Food Review and Contest!!!!

Updated to add: Entries are no longer valid for this contest. It has ended and a winner has been chosen. Thanks!

First, I’d love to send out a huge thank you to the Living Tree Community company for sending delicious samples for me to sample and review and also for graciously offering to sponsor this contest so you can try some of their products, too!

Note: I reviewed these products before my 30-day juice fast began–I am just now getting to writing the review/posting the contest.

A while back, I received a box of goodies from Living Tree Community. This is a fantabulous company! They create delicious raw products that they refer to as “Alive”.

I had the awesome opportunity to sample their raw cashew nut butter and also their organic chocolate maca energy butter. I give both products a HUGE thumbs up and I’d definitely try them again! I am also loving the company’s passion for providing us with the most “alive”, raw products as they possibly can! :-)

Organic Cashew Butter

(What? It was DELICIOUS!!!)

raw cashew butter, Living Tree Community

From the Living Tree Community site:

Nowadays cashews come from India, Tanzania, Vietnam and Cambodia. In our experience the best come from Brazil. This is natural enough as that’s where the cashew originated. It was domesticated long before the arrival of Europeans at the end of the fifteenth century. It was “discovered” by European traders and explorers and taken from Brazil to India and East Africa, where it soon became naturalized. Living Tree Cashew Butter is made from Brazilian cashews. Try it on apple slices or carrot sticks. Also be sure to try our cashews. What a delightful addition to school lunches!

The cashew nut butter was to DIE LIVE for!! Oh my gosh, it was soooooooooooo delicious! I remember even now. I was so, so sad when the jar was empty!!

Organic Chocolate Maca Energy Butter


From the Living Tree Community site:

By combining raw cacao with lavender flowers, mint leaves, honey, agave nectar, Living Tree Alive Olive Oil, sundried raisins, nutmeg, cardamon and cayenne we have brought you a uniquely sophisticated taste.

The organic chocolate maca energy butter was definitely a NEW and DIFFERENT taste for me. I wasn’t sure I liked it at first. I think it’s because it’s such strong, live flavors. I will say this, though: I totally, totally felt a “lift” after eating it each time–and I LOVE that!!

Living Tree Community Contest!!

What You Get

You’ll be winning:

  • 1 -16 ounce jar Coconut Mango Persimmon Butter
  • 1 – 8 ounce jar Raw Almond Butter


From the Living Tree Community site:

Organic Coconut Mango Persimmon Butter

We’ve combined organic mango, persimmon, pineapple and coconut to bring you a creation filled with the wonder of existence. The mango, pineapple and coconut convey the exuberance of the tropics, and the persimmon – the glow of California’s wondrous fertile Central Valley. Have also added raw cacao, sesame, sundried raisins, agave nectar, organic carob and a dash of Royal Himalayan pink crystal salt.

Organic Almond Butter

We began making almond butter over 25 years ago. At first our almond butter was roasted, but that has become a small part of what we do. Nowadays, our energy goes into making alive almond butter. We have developed, over the years, a proprietary process. We make it slowly, over several days. We slice, we do not grind. Furthermore, we make it frequently, in small batches so it’s fresh and alive.

You’re allowed FOUR FIVE SIX entries for this contest:

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  1. Leave a comment sharing why you want to try Living Tree Community Alive/Raw products. (DO NOT just say “thanks for the contest” or something like that–I do not publish those type of comments because they seem like spam and aren’t fair to the other contestants who leave a thoughtful, genuine answer.)
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NOTE: ANYONE can enter this contest. You DO NOT have to be in the United States. Oh, and I’ll be using to choose the winner….

Contest ends Tuesday, June 30th, at 9 p.m. (Central Time) so you have NINE DAYS to get all your entries in. Have fun trying to win!!

After this contest ends, you’ll be competing for more raw nuts, books, DVDs, and lots more–so don’t miss out on upcoming posts!

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166 comments on “Living Tree Community Raw Food Review and Contest!!!!

  1. I would love to try the butters, I have so much fun with creative condiments, nut butter, and foodie products. Living Tree is such a grat company and I’ve never had the opportunity to try their things… I have hard so much about them!!

  2. Persimmons! These little gems are so hard to find and I cannot imagine how lovely a butter would be with them in it! The last one I ate came right off a tree, and that was 10 years ago! So unique and delish. That flava sticks with me to this day.

    Lovely giveaway!
    [rq=92615,0,blog][/rq]Guest photos

  3. I would love to win this contest because I LOVE food, and I’m constantly trying to find delicious, decadent treats that are also healthy, and dang do these sound like they fit the bill. YUM.

  4. Give me a healthy, spreadable, exotic butter to put on oatmeal, and I’m set! Their products look amazing!!! I’ve had raw persimmons, but never in a form like this one…..must be mighty tasty!

  5. Hi! I’d love to try the Living Tree Community products because they sound delicious and not something I see everyday. I’m always open to new products and I’d love to use this opportunity to give it a try.

  6. whoa! i’ve heard of living tree community before and have yet to see it in stores anywhere! i’m excited to try these products because the ingredients sound amazing, the flavors creative, and just the whole idea behind living tree. i love organic natural peanut butter and it would be awesome to try a different type of nut butter!

    i’ve linked back here:


  7. I would love to try these products because of all the wonderful benefits of eating raw. I live in San Diego and we had a raw food restaurant that was amaaazing–unfortunately, it recently went out of business :(

  8. I recently tried raw almond butter for the first time and LOVE it! I would love to try another brand like Living Tree Community. I’ve been trying to make more meals at home and think the coconut mango persimmon butter would really make my meals more interesting!~ Maybe by putting it on a wrap that has tempeh, sprouts, sunflower seeds, spinach, and avocado…

  9. Wow! I’ve been wanting to try the Living Tree raw/alive products for a while now, especially the olive oil and tahini, which I’ve seen in print advertising. I had no idea there were so many products available! Truthfully, I have been having a hard time justifying the price of some of the products. On the other hand, I’m 5 months pregnant now, making this a great time to sacrifice for extra nutrition. I’m totally curious to see the difference in these products versus the ones I currently use.

  10. I would LOVE to try these – I’m in Canada and I find it really difficult to find these unique products. I just stumbled upon your blog from another I’ve been following for the last few weeks – really inspiring to see other women seek healthier and fulfilling lives despite obstacles and negative influences (in particular, media and low self esteem). Keep spreading your words of healing.

  11. Wow, I have become obsessed with almond butter over the past week or so, so I am excited about this contest!

    I would love to try these products for a few reasons, one being the fact that I am interested in expanding my horizons on brands of almond butter and similar products, but have not seen Living Tree Community anywhere around here. I also am really curious as to what persimmon tastes like! And of course, my almond butter craving must be satiated somehow, and this sounds like a great way to do so. :)

  12. I’d love to try these products! I heart all kinds of nut butters:) I’m slowly incorporating raw foods into my diet and I have found some raw butters that I really enjoy. I’d love to give these a try as well, they look delish!

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