Day 16 + Books by Dr. Bruce Fife

I slept really well again last night. I woke up this morning feeling very refreshed and thinking about everything on my to-do list. I hopped up and put the tea kettle on for my warm lemon water, which I had about an hour before my breakfast juice.


For day 16 of this 30-day juice fast, I had a pineapple needing to be used up so that’s what I juiced for breakfast.

Pineapple, Chopped


100% Pineapple Juice


Diluted Pineapple Juice

(About 60% juice, 40% water)



Pineapple Popsicles!


I had enough pineapple juice to fill up my Amazing Grass cup, my E3 Live cup (love both of ’em!) and also make pineapple pops for snacks. Oh, and there was still a little dab in the juicing machine cup and I drank it straight up! 😉

About mid-morning, I also had a glass of water with organic apple cider vinegar.


E3 Live

(My morning shot of E3 Live green goodness!)


Lunch & Dinner

As the day progressed, I really felt just blah and exhausted. I have been expecting a day like this, honestly. I’ve had several fantabulous, high-energy days and I knew one of these “off days” would hit soon. I could really feel my body go into a deeper level of healing/cleansing today. Whew! What a day!

Since I wasn’t feeling all that great, I decided to juice my dinner at lunch time so I wouldn’t have to drag out the juicer and clean it all up again later this evening. So that’s what I did. I compiled the following ingredients, doubling them so I’d end up with enough juice…

Juicy Concoction


1 whole cucumber, peeled (because it wasn’t organic)

2 apples, whole

3 small beets

3 ounces alfalfa sprouts

2 – 1-inch ginger pieces (peel and all)

whole lemon (peel and all)

14 (heirloom, organic) Rainbow Chard leaves (from my garden)

15 (heirloom, organic) beet leaves (from my garden)

Psychedelic Swirls


Raw Beauty


This juice was SO DELICIOUS! I love my beet juice!! And the ginger came through in each taste so nicely. LOVED it!!! :-)

This afternoon, I enjoyed one of the pineapple popsicles I made. I enjoyed the fresh air while I was at it.

Snack: Pineapple Pop


New Books for Review/Contest!


And guess what came in the mail the other day: books by Dr. Bruce Fife!!! I’m really excited about this. Dr. Fife was impressed by my interest in natural medicine, particularly oil pulling and he also wanted me to review his coconut water book. And that means an upcoming contests because he sent one of each for me and one of each to give away!!! Yay!!! Thanks so much, Dr. Fife!! We appreciate it!! :-)

As soon as I’ve had time to thoroughly read each book, I’ll post an honest, complete review of each and host a contest for each book (probably as a combo gift set).

And, of course, I had a glass of my lunch juice for dinner and loved every single sip. Beets have superpowers, in my opinion! :-)

Today was still a good day, even though I didn’t feel all that great. I know this because I have to take the bad with the good and realize that my body is doing what it needs to do to cleanse, heal, and rejuvenate.

Tomorrow is day 17! Totally crazy! See you tomorrow evening for a recap of tomorrow’s juicy events! :-)

Until tomorrow… happy juicing!

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7 comments on “Day 16 + Books by Dr. Bruce Fife

    • I am doing great. Thanks, Jocelyn! Yes, the pineapple juice is delish! You don’t have to dilute yours. I dilute most of my juices because I’m juice fasting and it makes it easier on my system, it seems.

      Yeah, I was expecting a day or two like this. I actually expected more but this juice fast is going beautifully!!!

      Thanks for following along!


  1. I think it’s those “down, healing” days that discourage or derail a lot of “fasters” good for you for recognizing it and even anticipating it. KUDOS!!!

    I am ABSOLUTELY entering THAT contest! Both topics are intriguing to me… I’ve been buying Zico coconut water for after my jog/walks and loving it, and enjoying coconut oil for EVERYTHING.

    Can’t wait for your review!

    I dilute a lot of my juices too… sometimes with teas. it is easier on your system sometimes.
    You’re on the downhill slide ! Be over before you know it. Do you transition out of your fasts? How????
    Happy Thursday!
    [rq=108327,0,blog][/rq]Watermelon-Strawberry LOVE

    • Yeah, it does. And it scares them, too, and causes them to quit juice fasts they’re already on. And thanks! :-)

      This contest will be after a few others. I’m wading my way through reviews/contests. I got behind because of 3 family deaths and then I had to get back in the groove of posting/reviewing and get back in contest mode.

      I dilute my smoothies with herbal teas. :-)

      Yep, it’ll be over before I know it! Actually, that makes me sad. Once I’m this far into a longer juice fast, I tend to want it to last forever!!


  2. Oops! Forgot to mention the transition. Yes, I do transition and I’ll continue sharing my journey as day 30 ends and day 1 of the transition to eating solid foods again begins. I’ll share what I eat and why I’m eating it to break the fast. I’ll also show salads and smoothies made with some ingredients from my organic garden! It’ll be fun. :-)

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