Yummy Yoga with Polly

I’ve mentioned before that I suffer from back pain (because of injuries from domestic violence) and I have received quite a bit of feedback/emails/comments suggesting I try yoga to strengthen my core and for possible healing benefit to my back. Well, I’m always game to try something new, healthy, beneficial, and that will make me feel better! So, I have been seriously enjoying Polly’s yoga videos. I love her soothing voice, her friendly, down-to-earth way of teaching, and her passion for living a healthy, good life!!

As I’ve searched through her videos, I came across this one for the lower back. I haven’t tried it yet but I wanted to share it with you right away…

More of Polly’s (free) yoga videos can be seen here at her Yoga is Yummy blog. You can also order Polly’s Yoga is Yummy video!! Not sure you want to buy a yoga video yet? Check out what folks are saying about Polly as a yoga teacher! (I love Polly’s cartoon!!! :-) )

Is yoga part of your exercise routine? Did it help you with back problems? Did it help you lose weight? Tell me all about it! :-)

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