How to Break a (Juice) Fast

Breaking a juice fast is pretty easy to do–if you focus on the actual process and don’t go crazy over the fact that it’s time for you to eat again. You don’t want to undo all your hard work, dedication, and cleansing you’ve just accomplished from your juice fast, do you? So, keep that in mind when the aroma of a cheeseburger or pizza slaps you in the face, okay? Okay, good.

First, I want to address an issue some of you may have when you’re actually in the middle of your juice fast. You may feel like it’s all happening too fast, like your body is on toxic overload and can’t rid itself of the toxins as fast as your cleanse is making it happen. Maybe you travel a lot or work a lot of hours and you just don’t have time to feel those detox symptoms as strongly as you are.

Here’s a tip…

Two foods that gently slow the effects of detox while juice fasting:


avocado, juice fasting


banana, juice fast

So, while you may not want to completely end a fast, you can eat a small portion of banana or avocado to slow down the detox process and allow you to have a little rest from the detox symptoms. Yes, you will “wake up” your digestive system a little by nibbling on a banana or avocado but this is a mild way to find relief from, say a headache or achy flu-like feelings that often come with a juice fast cleanse (for some people).

Remember, I’m not telling you to eat 10 bananas or avocados in some crazed oh-my-gosh-my-mouth-met-food-again frame of mind. Be cautious, be mindful, be respectful of your decision to adhere to your juice fasting goals.

Breaking the Fast

This part of the fast is a personal preference, I believe, but let’s see if I can give you some ideas. 😉

A great way, I’ve learned, to break a juice fast is by eating some fresh fruit. A small portion will be enough. I can’t stress enough that you need to think with your tummy and not your brain when breaking a juice fast. Here’s where your preference comes in: Maybe your favorite fruit is banana or apple or a peach. Whatever it is, have that. Pineapple is another great choice. (Raw) fruit is loaded with enzymes that’ll really help your system start to get used to real food again.

I’ve heard of people sipping hot veggie broth during (and to break) a fast. Honestly, I tried both of those and really don’t prefer broth at all during or breaking a juice fast.

Some other ways to break a juice fast:

  • a smoothie
  • raw veggies (if you must, but they’re harder on the digestive system than enzyme-rich fruits)

You can also eat pulp (with or without the juice).

I’ve found that the simpler I make it coming off a fast, the easier it is. For example, instead of going wild and making a fruit salad from every fruit you can find, just stick with one (or two, if you must).

Add more veggies, and then raw nuts, seeds, and if you eat dairy or meat, etc., be sure to add those (in moderation and hopefully organic, of course) after at least a few days of enjoying fresh, raw, living foods.

Enjoy the Process

This is the most important tip of all, I think! If you enjoy the process of breaking your fast in a healthy way, you’ll probably end up wanting to embark on another juice fast in the future. Take time to savor each taste of fresh fruits and veggies on those first few days after the fast has ended–and forever! Your body–and your taste buds–will thank you.

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    • Yay! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. :-) Yeah, avocados and bananas are really great for breaking a fast (or having to slow up the detox process while juice fasting). I used to cringe at the thought of avocado–now I can’t get enough!!! 😉

      Thanks, Cindy!

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