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First, I’d love to extend a HUGE thank you to everyone involved with this amazing film, and for FoodMatters.TV kindly sponsoring this contest. Not only were they gracious enough to send a copy for me to review and glean wisdom from, they were generous enough to send TWO extra copies so TWO of you would have the opportunity to have the same experience as me and own a copy (a $24.95 value!)! Thank you!!

“Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates

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The Father of Medicine

The people behind Food Matters believe that Hippocrates truly paved the way and laid the foundation for caring for our bodies–and so do I. Sadly, though, his natural approach to health has slipped through the cracks and is a distant memory for many, and is not yet known for others. Modern medicine has evolved to a place where the vast majority of our medical world focuses on prescription medicine, handing out scripts for bottle after bottle of pills that merely mask symptoms–when they even do that. You’re left with side effects you don’t know how to handle, so you go back to the doctor and you’re prescribed more pills. Treating illness now consists of chemical therapies that kill out our immune systems. We’ve reached a place where it’s “normal” to pop a dozen pills before we walk out the door to go to work and are on a schedule to take that many sometimes a second, and even a third, time within 24 hours.

Yet, so many in our world still ignore the fact that Hippocrates was right. His theory was right on: Our food is absolutely our medicine! Ever heard that phrase you are what you eat? I’m sure you have. I know almost everyone I talk to has heard it. Some live by it; it’s their creed. Others despise it, detest it, rebel against it, and downright refuse to believe that what they put into their mouths, their bodies, has anything to do with the way they feel, what their blood pressure levels are, or how their clothes no longer fit. Go figure…


When you insert your DVD, you’ll notice there is a Chapters section. I love this because it gives you a sneak peek of what you’re in for! Don’t cheat, though. Start at the beginning and watch it all the way through. You’ll be so glad you did.

Food Matters DVD

You’ll learn all sorts of awesome things! This film really makes you reflect on what you put in your mouth, how old it is, whether it’s really feeding your body–or if it’s feeding disease.

Note: You’ll also learn about natural cancer therapies and how to detox, lose weight, and keep it off!


I love the strong message of hope and healing Food Matters brings. As someone who has lost over 100 pounds and steadily improved my health by living a high-raw (and at times, 100% raw) food lifestyle + raw juices, smoothies, and juice fasting, I am extremely aware of how food is not only my medicine, but my strength, my healing, and literally my future–or the lack, thereof!

It excites me that as the film proceeds, anticipation about being healthier increases and you truly take away a sense of hope that it’s not too late to turn your health around in the right direction. Sure, it may take a while. Yes, it may be hard most of the time. But as long as we have a breath in our body, there is hope for better health! (I do realize there are situations that may be irreversible, where the patient is too near death to make a U-turn. So, I’m not preaching miracles here–although I do believe in ’em! :-) )


You’ll hear Experts chime in on why the quality of and type of food we eat truly matters. Here’s a glimpse of what each of them have to say about the medical industry, our non-organic farming methods, raw foods, and more…

“Good health makes a lot of sense, but it doesn’t make a lot of dollars.”–Andrew W. Saul, Ph.D, Therapeutic Nutrition Specialist and Author

“Dr. Paul Kouchakoff was the first to show in the 1930’s that if  you ate a diet that was more than 51% cooked food, that your body would react to the food as if it was being invaded by a foreign organism. Dr. Kouchakoff was the first to demonstrate that if 51% of your meals were raw, you’d have no leucocytosis; you’d actually have no white blood cell reaction, so your immune system would not be activated with a false alarm. Because we’re dealing with so many immune system issues today, we have to make sure that at least 51% of every meal that we have is raw so that we don’t overburden that already-overburdened immune system.” – David Wolfe

“How much nutritional value are you getting from food that’s at least five days old? If you’re lucky, you’re getting maybe 40% of what you need.” – Victor Zeines, Holistic Dentist & Nutritionist

Watch Online!
Food Matters - Learn from the World's Leaders in Nutrition and Natural Healing!

“The so-called fertilizer is made up of of three minerals,  NPK: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Well, that’s nice BUT the problem is that the soil requires approximately 52 different minerals. So, where’s the calcium, magnesium, and the mangonese and the zinc and the iron and (…) What we’re getting, even if we eat commercial Vegetarian food, we get deficient, toxic food because with all these pesticides and chemicals and sprays and all that it’s deficient, so we can’t help but be deficient and toxic.” – Charlotte Gerson, Founder of the Gerson Institute
“How can you build a building you expect to last 100 years when you put poor building materials in?” – Dr Dan Rogers, M.D., N.M.D. (Medical Doctor and Naturopathic Doctor)


There are way too many facts shared in Food Matters for me to mention here (plus, I don’t want to give it all away!) so I’ll share just a few that really resonated with me…

  • 106,000 people die each year due to adverse drug reactions.
  • Today’s Medical doctors receive little, if any, training in nutrition.
  • Eating a steak takes a massive amount of energy for the body to liquefy it and digest it.
  • Heart disease and cancer are the two top killers in the U.S. annually.
  • 39,000 people die due to unnecessary surgery–and other errors in hospitals–each year.
  • 80,000 people die due to infections infections caught while in the hospital each year.

Wow, those numbers are so sad. :-(


I honestly can’t fathom anything negative about you watching this film–unless you consider feeling the unction to empty all the junk food out of your cabinets a con? 😉

Convinced Yet?

Hopefully you’re convinced that food DOES matter. Maybe you’re at least interested enough to enter the contest for (SIX) chances to win a free copy. There will be TWO winners, so your odds are higher than most of my contests (which end with only one winner). One last thing, take a look in the mirror. Yeah, right now. Be honest: Are you happy with yourself? You don’t have to be overweight, or even underweight, to be unhappy with your health, how you feel, the foods you’re putting into your precious body. Are you depressed? Do you have emotional issues? Mental issues? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Enter. this. contest. Do it for life. Do it for health. Do it for yourself. Do it for your family, if you have one. Do it for your friends. Your pets. Your job. Your future. Just do it. I can’t stress enough that FOOD MATTERS!

Let the Contest Begin!

You’re allowed FOUR FIVESIX entries for this contest:

Note: Please leave a comment for each thing you do (tweet, plurk, etc.) because each comment will be counted as a number when I enter the total number of comments at once the contest ends. (DO NOT just say “thanks for the contest” or something like that–I do not publish those type of comments because they seem like spam and aren’t fair to the other contestants who leave a thoughtful, genuine answer.) Thanks!

  1. Visit FoodMatters.TV and take a look around. Leave a comment sharing a quote, article, or anything that speaks to you and/or why you think you need to see this film.
  2. Do you Twitter? Tweet about this contest and then leave a comment with your Twitter name. You can swipe this tweet: RT: Win a Food Matters DVD (a $24.95 value) @RawJuiceGirl is giving away TWO copies, so there’ll be TWO winners!
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ANYONE can enter this contest. You DO NOT have to be in the United States. Oh, and I’ll be using to choose the winner….

Contest ends Thursday, August 27th, at 9 p.m. (Central Time) so you have a WHOLE WEEK to get all your entries in. Have fun trying to win!!

Check it out!

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40 comments on “Food Matters DVD Review + Contest

  1. Food Matters was created to help my father combat Chronic Fatigue, Depression and Anxiety. He has utilized the information within this DVD to heal his body naturally and withdraw from all toxic medications.

    There ya go. That says it all. Imagine, if everyone could have the opportunity to see this film and utilize the info to heal from debilitating illness.

    Unfortunately, the folks who could most benefit from watching this, won’t ever see it. I wish they would put it on TV so that mainstream America could be exposed to the information.

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they showed this to high school health classes?
    .-= earthmother´s last blog ..A Feast For The Eyes: Coconut Ceviche =-.

  2. This is so awesome and thoughtful of you to giveaway as a contest. I have not seen it yet but would love to. Congrats on your weight loss..I never realized you were down 100 lbs..that is my ultimate goal..well actually a bit more than 100 but who’s counting,lol

  3. I need this for my whole family! Looking around i see numerous illness’s that can be wiped out by the foods we put into our body and all the wonder we all sicky…
    My daughter suffers from depression like problems and just downright stress.
    me and mom have heart problems ,eating better /juices i know i could help this.
    I hate it that now i struggle with remembering and concentration,something i was always glad i could do well unti the last few years.
    I stay on the grandkids that they need to eat well and drink lots of juices and raw veggies..I would love to win this to use and share as well..
    thank you

    congrats on the weight loss! u go girl…

  4. Thanks for your very thorough and excellent review of this DVD, and for your mission to help people to heal and have better lives. You rock, girl! I just tweeted your message. @RawFoodsNewsMag

  5. My cousin is super into this movie. I would love to own a copy so that I can show it to the rest of my family. Thanks for the contest!

  6. Okay, first of all, you are going to need to fill me in; Tweet, ping backs, plurk, stumble… I guess you could just call me ‘Grasshopper’. lol
    LOVE this video, can’t wait to share it with my friends and family. (putting aside King Corn for a while. lol)
    Thanks for all your hard work!

  7. I’m pumped up just from reading your review. Medical diseases run rampant in my family: cancers, alzheimers, heart disease, diabetes. The list goes on and on. My goal is to restore my health and share everything I learn with family members. Since introducing raw foods into my diet, I’ve noticed a huge difference. Without even trying, 15 lbs. have disappeared, blood sugar has decreased, menstrual issue have improved. It’s exciting to learn more and more about living a raw lifestyle. I’m always looking for new ways to avoid getting bored with raw foods. Thanks for this and all the other great contests!

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  9. I would love to win this video because I’m passionate about organics and REAL food. So many people are not eating consciously, and I’d love to be able to host a movie night to open some eyes in my community! Thanks Michele.


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