Green (Hemp) Oatmeal Breakfast Cookie

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Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies

My sparkling blog pal, Cindy (from A Sparkle a Day) has been insisting I try this overnight breakfast oatmeal cookie thing. She first got the idea from Alison (of the Mama’s Weeds blog). I have taken long enough to give it a try and she’d probably already given up on me, but I finally got in the mood to try it out. I decided to whip it up “Hemp-Loving Girl” style and got a little crazy with the phrase….

Going Green

I decided to go green with my first oatmeal breakfast cookie because 1) I have a ginormous container of Hemp Pro 70 to use up and 2) because I don’t have a blender at the moment and need to be creative with using my hemp powder. I’ve already had it in steel-cut oats and a chocolate hemp shake–it was just time to green up the breakfast cookie, I think! 😉

So, what went into my green (hemp) oatmeal cookie?

Raw Chia Seeds

Raw Chia Seeds, superfood, Navitas Naturals

Organic Green Stevia Powder

organic green stevia powder, Navitas Naturals, recipes

Hemp Pro 70 Powder

Hemp Pro 70 powder, Manitoba Harvest

Original Hemp Bliss (Unsweetened)

Hemp Bliss, Certified Organic, Original unsweetened

Goin’ In a Bowl

green oatmeal cookie ingredients

1/2 cup organic rolled oats

1 tablespoon certified organic (RAW) chia seeds (NavitasNaturals)

1 tablespoon certified organic almond butter

4 tablespoons Hemp Pro 70 powder (

1/2 teaspoon organic green stevia powder (from Navitas Naturals)

6 tablespoons Original, Unsweetened Hemp Bliss (

Note: I didn’t have any nanners :-(

Mashed Into a Cookie

green hemp oatmeal cookie

green hemp oatmeal cookie 2

Into the Fridge

green hemp oatmeal cookie in fridge, overnight

This Morning

green hemp cookie, next morning


green hemp cookie, gone


I think this is one of the weirdest things I’ve ever eaten. Last night when I put this in the fridge, I was a little worried. I mean a big, green glob of oats smeared flat on a plate just kind of blew my mind a little. I wasn’t sure Raw Juice Girl knew what she was doing–seriously!

Does that mean it was horrid? Nope! After the first few bites, I actually really liked it! It was still weird, though. I mean, it’s weird eating a cold, smashed oatmeal thing on a plate. Don’t ya think? LOL

What I liked is that I tasted the yummy nutty hempness (thanks!) and I could taste the sweetness of the organic green stevia powder (thanks Navitas Naturals!) and the oats were soft and chewy. I’m still wondering how it would have turned out if I’d had bananas. I’m definitely going to make this again when I have bananas to see how it tastes then. And, of course, I have all sorts of other combos running wild in my mind! :-)

Have you ever made an overnight oatmeal breakfast cookie? Did you like it? Not like it? Why/why not? Leave a comment and share your cold oatmeal cookie experience–and a link if you have one! :-)

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13 comments on “Green (Hemp) Oatmeal Breakfast Cookie

  1. Yeah for YOU!!!!!

    Okay…I don’t make my cookies anymore without my hemp protien powder but they are not green cuz I add cocoa powder…AND I seem to be adding coconut butter now instead of almond butter…(I am out)

    I laughed SO hard at your last comments about it being the strangest thing you’ve eaten! It took me a few breaths to take that first bite!

    but I love them so much… and I love the versitility !

    keep playing… and I am so glad you tried em!

    .-= Cindy´s last blog ..One Life to Live =-.

  2. Fitnessista (Gina) makes a breakfast cookie and she has a tab on her new site prominently displaying the post so you can find it. I’ve never made it and I know in hers there’s nothing green. Michele I couldnt have eaten the green cookie. It just is a little too weird for me with the green. I am ok w/ green juice and smoothies but in the a.m. the cookie I dont think woulda worked for me. Or maybe like a couple bites but you had a fair amount of ingredients in there and I coulndt have done it. You go girl! Cindy- I will look at your site and see your variations, too. I make refrig oats, just almond milk and oats in the fridge overnight or 18 hrs to soak. A little tough but totally edible.

    • LOL – You’re funny, Averie. Well, you know me: I’m not the average gal. I wasn’t about to let a green cookie defeat me! 😉

      It was weird but I did like the taste. It just tasted like my green hemp steel-cut oatmeal–except it was cold and flat. Hehehehe

      I can think of a TON of other variations that you may like, though. You have to at least try another recipe once. It’s kind of neat to try. :-)

  3. Pretty awesome! What about dehydrating them. Or rolling it thinner and making a chip or cracker….I’ll have to try this as well.

    • NaturallyMariam: Thanks! I don’t have a dehydrator yet, so I don’t know but I definitely think you should try dividing it into smaller portions and dehydrating it. Do let me know if it turns out! :-)

  4. Check out that GREEN cookie!! I love it! I have to say that the breakfast cookie took a little getting use to, but now I love it. It starts to grow on you and before you know it you’re bounding out of bed to snag it out of the fridge in the morning!
    .-= Alison´s last blog ..Just Beet It =-.

    • Alison – LOL

      I’m glad you love it! I wonder if I’ll see a green cookie on your blog now? 😉

      Yeah, it is kind of weird but I have a hankerin’ to try a cinnamon/apple one now. Hmmm….

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