Oh!Nuts (RAW) Georgia Pecan Giveaway – a ONE POUND BAG!

Updated to add: This contest has closed and a winner has been chosen. Thanks!

Thank you to www.ohnuts.com for sending a one-pound bag of raw pecans for me to review, as well as a bag for me to send to one of you (lucky) readers.

Tell me you didn’t honestly think I was ONLY giving away those ginormous, delicious (RAW) macadamia nuts. 😉

And I still have lots more raw goodies up my juicy sleeve – I work hard for you all!

And, like a crazy blogger, I’m launching a SECOND contest:

What You’ll Receive

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ALL you need to do to enter this contest, is leave a comment saying what your favorite way to use pecans is, or why you absolutely MUST win this bag of raw pecans from www.ohnuts.com.


BUT… If you want to put in a little extra effort….

(and receive a LOT of extra entries – aka chances to win) keep reading…

Numerous ways to get extra entries!

Note: The reason I ask you to leave a comment for EACH, SEPARATE entry is because I enter the total number of comments at random.org once the contest has ended.



  • Become a fan of Oh!Nuts on Facebook. Leave a comment (on their page) saying Raw Juice Girl sent you. Then, come back here and leave a comment to let me know you did that.




  • Do you use Twitter? Tweet about this contest and then leave a comment with your Twitter name. You can swipe this tweet:

 @RawJuiceGirl is giving away a ONE pound bag of RAW pecans. Visit www.healingwithjuices.com to enter now!

Then, leave a comment that you did – with your Twitter name or status link.

FOR EVEN MORE ENTRIES: Re-tweet this contest as many times as you like and come back and leave a different comment for each time you want – no limit on how many! Get those extra entries, folks! 😀

  • Do you Plurk? Plurk about this contest and leave a comment with your Plurk URL.


  • Share this contest on your blog, linking back to this post. (The pingback will be counted as an extra entry.) If you don’t see your pingback, just email me at healingwithjuices at gmail.com and let me know. It may have gone to spam for some reason.


  • Follow @OhNuts on Twitter. Leave a comment, saying you did.







  • Are you a Stumbler? Stumble and review any post you want to–just leave the link to your SU review in (its own) comment.


  • Do you have a Digg account? Digg one of my posts. Take your pick. Come back and leave a comment on this post with a link to your Digg post.



  • If you share this contest on Facebook or some other social media account, I’ll accept that as an extra entry. Just share the link to this contest on that site and leave the link here in the comments to let me know you did.


  • Follow me or friend me on any of the social media sites for an extra entry. If you follow or friend Lisa (or me) on more than one social media site, simply add an extra comment sharing that you did.


NOTE: Please leave a comment for each entry (tweet, plurk, etc.) because each comment will be counted as a number when I enter the total number of comments at Random.org once the contest ends. (Don’t just say “thanks for the contest” or something like that–I do not publish those type of comments because they seem like spam and aren’t fair to the other contestants who leave a thoughtful, genuine answer.) Thanks!

This contest is open to EVERYONE – 0h, and I’ll be using Random.org to choose the winner.

Contest ends Sunday, February 1st. I’ll accept comments until midnight. (Central Time). Winner will be posted the next morning.

That gives you ONE  week to get your entries in. Hurry and spread the word. The more entries you have, the higher your chances of winning a one-pound bag of these beauties!!!

Raw Georgia Pecans no shell, NutsOnline

Let the contest begin!!!!

Updated to add: This contest has closed and a winner has been chosen. Thanks!

Another Contest

You can also enter my OTHER contest for a one-pound bag of raw macadamia nuts. Get those entries in! 😀 <—That contest has ended and a winner has been chosen for it, too. Thanks!


Disclaimer: I received a one pound back of raw macadamia nuts from Oh!Nuts to review. They also agreed to sponsor this contest. They provided a one pound bag of raw macadamia nuts for you to enjoy. I am responsible for shipping costs on this contest.

Due to the Federal Trade Commission’s ruling, I must always make you aware of when I receive free samples. I have always done that in the past (see my Reviews page and read my full disclaimer there) and will continue to do so.

And, most importantly, I have NOT been paid to write this review. All thoughts and opinions in this review are from me and of my own free will.

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105 comments on “Oh!Nuts (RAW) Georgia Pecan Giveaway – a ONE POUND BAG!

  1. I love ’em straight out of the bag or stuffed inside a sweet, juicy date!

    Thanks for such an awesome giveaway & the opportunity to win. :)

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