Health Benefits of Organic Flax Seeds – and Why I Love Them

I usually always mention that I’ve tossed freshly ground flax into my smoothies, oats, or whatever else I’m eating and I’ve been a HUGE fan of these amazing little seeds for years now. I thought I’d share with you WHY I adore them so much…

organic flax seeds

Check out the nutrition:

  • omega-3 fatty acids
  • manganese
  • dietary fiber
  • magnesium
  • folate
  • copper
  • phosphorus
  • Vitamin B6

(To my knowledge, there is no nutritional differences between the brown flax seeds or the gold – I just seem to prefer the brown.)

Fun Fact!

“Flaxseeds have a long and extensive history. Originating in Mesopotamia, the flax plant has been known since the Stone Ages. One of the first records of the culinary use of flaxseeds is from times of ancient Greece. In both that civilization and in ancient Rome, the health benefits of flaxseeds were widely praised.” – WH Foods

Health Benefits

Organic flax seeds are known to be fantabulous for our health.

Check out this amazing list…

Organic flax seeds:

  • promote bone health
  • have anti-inflammatory properties
  • fight against cancer, diabetes and other disease,
  • help prevent and regulate high blood pressure
  • lowers cholesterol
  • fights prostate cancer growth
  • helps lubricate dry eyes

Attention menopausal women:

Flaxseed Reduces Hot Flashes Almost 60%!! (source)

I love mine freshly ground. Not only does grinding the flax bring out the nutty, delicious flavor, whole seeds simply pass through your system so it’s best to grind them.

I promote buying whole flax seeds because you don’t know how long the ground flax has been sitting on the shelf and this way, you’re the one who grinds your flax each time and you know when it was ground.

Note: I grind my whole flax seeds up in a coffee grinder. You can keep leftover freshly ground flax in the freezer but I’d only store a small amount as fresh is always best! 😀

I add freshly ground flax to:

  • smoothies
  • oats
  • stir-fry
  • rice dishes
  • salad
  • veggie burgers
  • and more!

salad with flax

This salad was made with: lettuce, carrots, celery, tomato, dates, corn, peas, spinach, pumpkin seeds and drizzled with coconut oil.

Why I Love Them

I love freshly ground flax seeds because they truly do add a rich, nutty flavor to whatever smoothie or food you add them to.

They’re yummy, filling, and I love getting fiber in this way.

They’ve been instrumental in my own battle with inflammation, from Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia (more on that in a future post).

Come on, what’s not to love about the nutritious AND delicious combo freshly ground flax offers?! 😉

And you can buy organic flax seed in my Raw Shop – for only $7.49 per pound!!!

Shipping info:

“We will ship orders anywhere within the United States and Canada. At this time, we do not ship to other locations. When your order ships, you will receive a shipment notification via email that will include your tracking number.”

Do you love freshly ground flax seeds? Did you realize what a powerful addition they were to our diet? Do you love their nutty flavor? If you’ve never tried them, will you give ‘em a chance now? Let’s talk!


WH Foods: Flaxseeds

Photo: OpenSky

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22 comments on “Health Benefits of Organic Flax Seeds – and Why I Love Them

  1. I’m going to give flax seeds a try. My doctor said my triglycerides are too high, and she wants to put me on cholesterol medicine to get them lower. I really don’t want to go on a medication so I’ve been losing weight and eating healthier. (I’ve lost about 15 pounds so far.) Maybe flax seeds will help lower my cholesterol. Thanks for the idea.

    • Hi, Russell!

      Yay for you! Congrats on the weight loss and I wish you only the best in your health and weight loss journey! 😀

      Freshly ground flax seeds are truly so delicious – and it’s such a bonus that they’re so good for us!

      Let me know how you like ’em once you do try ’em. 😀

  2. I’ve used flax seeds for many years but have always purchased already ground seeds, I tend to go thru them quickly so I never really worried about them not being fresh but I also never gave much thought to how long they had been sitting on a shelf BEFORE I purchased them!! Good point and good timing on this as I just used the last of mine this morning and will be going to replenish my stock this afternoon!! Do you use a coffee grinder to grind yours??

    Thanks for the info!

    • Yes, I do use a coffee grinder – should’ve included that in the post! Thanks for asking; I’ll update the post with that info. 😉

      I used to buy the flax that’s already ground, too. We learn as we go and do the best we can until we learn new things.

      Glad you enjoyed my post, Berni! 😀

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