Rainbow Chard + Butter Bean Soup

Note: For my raw purist readers, this soup isn’t raw. As I’ve mentioned before (numerous times), I’m currently very high raw, but am not 100% raw at this time.

I live for fresh, raw juices and smoothies and veggies and fruit, nuts and seeds – but sometimes a gal just needs a bowl of yummy, herbalicious, flavorful (hot) soup on a cold winter’s day. 😉

Enter: Rainbow Chard + Butter Bean Soup

This recipe was inspired by “The Clean Eating Mama” blog, from her recent post: White Bean and Kale Soup (Thank you, Tasha!) 😀

Rainbow Chard + Butter Bean Soup



  1. Add the beans, tomatoes, rainbow chard, frozen peas, and cream of celery soup to your pot.
  2. Pour in 6 cups water (or broth – I didn’t have any).
  3. Add herbs, onion, garlic (or garlic salt like me).
  4. Add the coconut oil.
  5. Turn heat to medium.
  6. Once the frozen veggies are tender and the soup has really heated up, add the couscous.
  7. Cover with a lid.
  8. Simmer for half an hour or so.
  9. Sprinkle with freshly ground flax and enjoy!

Ooooooohhh, yeah! 😀

Kale is one of my all-time favorite veggies, so I’m definitely going to make this soup again when I have the ingredients Tasha used in her version.

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Your Turn

What about you? Are you a “soup person” or do you detest soup? Do you love making a big pot of soup and savoring it day after day, or do you just get a craving for it once in a while and either buy soup from a restaurant so you won’t have leftovers, or eat it out of a can or at someone else’s house?

Raw foodie (purists): Do you splurge on hot soup once in a while during the colder months, or do you stick to raw soups only?

All of you, chime in – I adore reading your thoughts!!

And… I’m planning on posting about raw soup in an upcoming – so stay tuned! Plus, the delivery man has been kind to me and I’m going to give you a sneak peek at what he brought!

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14 comments on “Rainbow Chard + Butter Bean Soup

  1. it’s weird–i like soup but cooked soup only. i don’t care for raw soup that much. i do like chili. i think i only like chunky raw soups and warmed slightly.

    i do splurge on cooked soup in the winter but only if I really crave it. usual soup ingredients give me pain symptoms most of the time.
    .-= bitt´s last blog ..defying gravity =-.

    • Really? Oh, I love chili too but haven’t had it in a while!

      I definitely enjoyed this soup – I’m so glad I splurged. 😉

      But I know what you mean… I can’t eat breads or too much fruit or processed foods – my body screams!!!

  2. I didn’t realize you could freeze chard, but I guess that makes sense, ‘cuz I’ve bought frozen spinach! And in soup, it wouldn’t matter. I’m planning to grow lots of swiss chard this year, so thanks for the tip about freezing it!

    I’m not 100% raw, either, and I love a good soup! Even with raw soups, I like to warm them up just a little. ; )

    • Hi, Kathy.

      I thought I had responded to this already – maybe WP ate my comment? 😉

      Yes, we froze a lot of chard because we couldn’t eat it all and didn’t can it.

      Ah, and this soup was SO delicious! When I was 100% raw, I skipped amazing soups like this. Sometimes, we just need a bowl of comfort, though. 😀

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