My Husband Made a Salad–and Steak!

Yep, that’s right! My husband can make yumilicious meals – I am SO lucky!

Friday, September 9th was our one-year wedding anniversary, and the night before, he peeled and sliced a ginormous cucumber, chopped two homegrown tomatoes (that we bought from a local vendor), sliced about a third (or so) of a big onion, and then put a whole bottle of Italian dressing in the bowl and stirred it all together. Oh, and he added some water (about half the dressing bottle full).

He popped the lid on the bowl and put it in the fridge so the flavors could marry overnight. YUM-O!

I know what you’re thinking: a WHOLE bottle of processed dressing?!

But hey, who can complain when their husband loves veggies AND whips up a flavorful salad?! Not I, says Raw Juice Girl, not I! LOL!

If you’re interested in the overnight salad recipe my husband made, you can see it at Mainline Gardening: Overnight Salad – Made By My Husband.

The Night Before


We got the tomatoes homegrown from a local vendor, using my eco-friendly Bite bag (which I reviewed HERE).




He also thawed some beef and pork steaks and hot dogs and made his own marinade concoction.


I busied myself making old-fashioned potato salad and (hand-grated!) cole slaw. I also made a fresh pitcher of tea (black tea bags mixed with green tea bags). Delish!



Next Day, Our Anniversary: Sept. 9th!

I got busy slicing red, yellow, and orange bell pepper + onion to get ‘em ready for grillin’!

SO Pretty—the Colors!



On to the Grill!!

IMG_0851_thumb[2] IMG_0849



And…. on to the table!!!




Set for four – we had a couple of guests!


As you can see from the table setting, I love old-fashioned stuff and flowers are my favorite thing in the whole world. Well, maybe chocolate and caramel are my favorite things, but you know… Winking smile


Our anniversary dinner was a success. But even more important than the tasty meal, was spending the day with a true sweetheart – my soul mate. I have the BESTEST husband ever!! Open-mouthed smile


I’m a happy girl!


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