Celestial Seasonings Wellness Kit Review + Giveaway!

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Now, on to the topic at hand…

The very kind folks at Celestial Seasonings are helping me get a head-start on taking care of myself this winter. That’s right. They’ve been generous enough to send me a Celestial Seasonings Wellness Kit!

I adore Celestial Seasonings. In fact, one of my very first experiences with being wowed by the power of herbs was when I was suffering from horrific migraines and stress and my mom gave me some Celestial Seasonings Tension Tamer.

It was like a spiritual experience. From head to toe, I felt a calmness sweep throughout me and it was as if that magical cup of tea had whisked away my migraine pain and stress. From that moment, I was hooked and have enjoyed a huge variety of Celestial Seasonings tea over the years.

If you’ve read any of my in-depth reviews, you know I love to dig into the past and learn all about the history behind the company of products I review, as well as the people who started it all.

About Celestial Seasonings

I got more than I bargained for when I studied up on this company. Come to find out, in 1968 a few folks started harvesting herbs in the Colorado Mountains – Aspen, to be exact. These folks are: Mo and Peggy Siegel, Wyck Hay, and Lucinda Ziesing.

You just have to be in awe when you find out how the name Celestial Seasonings came to be…

Fun Fact!

The company’s name is actually Lucinda Ziesing’s nickname. Yes! In 1969, Celestial Seasonings evolved because of Lucinda’s nickname.

How cool is that, huh?!

(For more Celestial Seasonings facts, check out their timeline here.)


When 1970 rolled around, production was booming, with a total of six employees, in a Boulder barn owned by Michael Dominick.

By 1972, Celestial Seasonings was incorporated, the company had been purchasing herbs worldwide, moved into a larger facility, new teas were being created….

Over the 70’s, the company expanded internationally.

Throughout the 80’s and 90’s, a few big things happened:

  1. Kraft, Inc. purchased Celestial Seasonings.
  2. Mo Siegel came and went – first, retiring from the company to travel the world doing humanitarian work and then returning as CEO in 1991.
  3. “Celestial Seasonings management and Vestar Capital Partners bought company from Kraft through leveraged buyout.”

Today Celestial Seasonings continues to grow, expand, create new teas and products and I can’t wait to see what is to come from this amazing company!

So, you can imagine how I was pleasantly surprised when this super cool packaged arrived at my doorstep!


About the Book

I love alternative medicine. I’ve been fascinated by herbs and their uses for many years now and I must say, this is just one of the best books to have as your go-to guide for herbal remedies!

Herbs for Health and Happiness: All You Need to Know, written by Mo Siegel and Nancy Burke, this book is fun and easy to use. It is divided up in to sections that will make it easy for you to research ailments and which herbs you need to know to find happiness through herbs.

The holidays are coming up so it would make a great gift for any friends or family who are interested in herbal healing, teas, or their health in general.

I’m already using this fantabulous book as one of my references for an upcoming article to be published in the new year!

Let me guess… you’d LOVE to have a Celestial Seasonings Wellness Kit of your own? You can! Well, ONE of you can – because we’re having a giveaway!

In the past, I’ve posted the giveaways separately than the reviews and have given you up to 20 ways to enter.

Over time, it seems your enthusiasm over all the various ways to enter has turned into your being overwhelmed at the long list of ways to enter – SO things are going to change around here!

To make things much easier – and more fun! – for you, there’ll be a handful of ways to enter. There will be ONE required entry and then a couple extras. For each entry, please leave a separate comment. That’s all I ask.

In return, you’ll be entered to win an awesome Celestial Seasonings Wellness Kit of your own, which I know you’ll enjoy!

Giveaway Rules

There is only ONE required entry:

1. Visit ww.celestialseasonings.com and come back here and leave me a comment sharing which product you’d most like to try – or already have and love.

That’s it. Easy peasy!

For extra points:

2. “Like” the Celestial Seasonings Fan page.

3. Follow Celestial Seasonings on Twitter AND tweet this message:

@CelestialTea and @RawJuiceGirl are hosting a #wellness #giveaway! Enter HERE:  http://tinyurl.com/5to8tgx

You can tweet up to 5 times per day, at least an hour apart.

You have until Thursday, October 27th to get your entries in. Winner will be chosen by Mr. Random (random.org). Entries will be received until midnight (Central Time).

Let the entries pile in, y’all!!!

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86 comments on “Celestial Seasonings Wellness Kit Review + Giveaway!

  1. I am already a fan on facebook AND twitter, and sent the tweet.

    Also; my all time favorite is sleepytime orginal. I have a story behind it, my mom gave me my first cup at 14 when I wouldn’t stop crying over my first broken heart. Since then, it’s been nothing but love the whole time. I still drink a cup every night, but lately have been drinking tension tamer as well because it’s helping my headaches, and now sinus soother sleepytime because I’ve had a sinus infection. All it takes is a cup of sleepytime to feel like home agian.

  2. Wow, I didn’t know they made Sleepytime Vanilla! I love the classic Sleepytime, it’s even tasty iced on a summer evening. Niiiiiiiice.

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