Shopping, this and that

Hi, y’all!

It was a beautiful, sunny day here today. Did you have sunshine where you live?

Hope you’ve been enjoying my Nutella and thrift store shopping talk.

I heart shopping at thrift stores. Some call me eclectic; some call me eccentric; others call me thrifty or frugal. But I just enjoy finding those treasures folks toss away.

Sometimes those treasures are passed down. A dear friend of mine gave me the following decorative plates. Actually, she’s pretty much my adopted grandmother (nothing legal – I just adopted her and claim her!).

I picked up the little stands at a thrift store (of course!) to display them and thought I’d share them with you.

The first one is white and I love its shape, and the dainty blue floral pattern.


Up close



She also gave me a decorative plate with a Fall design on it. I brought it out to display once the leaves started changing colors outside. I enjoy its beauty as well.


And up close



Thank you to my “adopted” grandmother for her generosity and also to for allowing me to work on an upcoming promotion for them (more about that in the near future!).

But you’ll definitely want to check out the decorative plates they have available over there. Winking smile

What about you? Do you like decorative plates? Do you hang them on the wall or display them on a shelf or table? Do you have any heirloom pieces or do you buy yours new or at thrift stores? Do tell!

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