Review: A Beginners Guide to Juices and Smoothies

A Beginners Guide to Juices and Smoothies

On January 25, 2014, Healing with Juices released the first of many guides to the public with both print and digital options. This guide is intended for the beginner who asks the questions:

  • What should I juice?
  • Is there really a health benefit to juicing?
  • Can I use a blender instead?
  • What tastes good in a smoothie?

These questions and more are answered in this no-nonsense, no-fluff guide. A recent review on Amazon follows:

Healing with Juices Presents: A Beginners Guide to Juices and Smoothies (Healing with Juices Guides) (Kindle Edition)
My husband and I are becoming more serious about living a healthier lifestyle, and use of recipes such as these are such a great help toward achieving that goal. Not only are we able to incorporate healthier foods into our meal plans, but we’re able to introduce them more and more to our children as well. We were using the pre-made smoothies and juices available in the frozen food aisle, but I’ve been hoping for a simple alternative because I don’t like how much sugar and preservatives are packaged in with those ingredients. Thankfully, I don’t have to worry about that when using this recipe book. I’m looking forward to trying more – we’re just getting started and we’re already hooked!
There are so many benefits to juicing and smoothies with the greatest being that each are packed with tons of vitamins and minerals that fuel your body and promote health.

What do you mean promote health?

Our bodies are designed to absorb the good and eliminate the bad – a complex process that involves many organs, but relies heavily on the liver and kidneys to process toxins out of our bodies. Just as the review above mentioned, there are many preservatives and sugar in the frozen smoothie kits she is purchasing for her family. Those preservatives disrupt our bodies and how they are intended to function. By using whole foods in their natural (unprocessed) state, our bodies no longer have to expel various toxins and can take the nutrients in our food and drinks to promote healthy cellular growth!

That means we can replace bad-for-our-body foods with good foods and eventually, every single cell in our body will replace itself with a healthier version. Pretty awesome, right? 

So jump and snag your copy of A Beginner’s Guide to Juices and Smoothies and start changing your life – one drink at a time.

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Mysti Reutlinger loves vibrant food! As a child and teen, she relished in the love of plucking vegetables and fruits straight from the garden as a mid-summer snack. Today, Mysti has used those same foods to fuel her body and reduce her pain while living with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and raising two vivacious boys.

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