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Healthy Eating & Living Roundup

First of all, I want to give an official welcome to Mysti Reutlinger. She has joined forces with me to show the world how to achieve healthy eating, while not being hard on ourselves for enjoying those not-so-healthy options along the way. And we’re co-authoring a book together!

Already, Mysti has opened her heart to us and shared her personal breast cancer survival story – what a strong woman and true inspiration!

Please give her a warm welcome. She has a lot of inspiring thoughts, meals, and snacks in store for us!

And I’m so excited to be back! Your response to my spill-the-beans post (Raw Changes) has blown me away. Besides the heartfelt comments on this post, I have been contacted via various social media sites and email and your words of love and encouragement have touched my heart so deeply – you are all simply the best.

I’ve been busy as a bee revamping my writing career and enjoying this beautiful weather but I have also been working on the book project with my new business partner and have made myself take the time to nourish my body as well!

Following are some raw – and cooked! – goodies that made their way into my belly over the past few days (including a birthday treat – or two! – at the end!).

Of course, this isn’t every single thing I have eaten – just a round-up! :

(Steel-cut oatmeal w/ cinnamon, pb, unsulfured molasses, brown sugar)



(leaf lettuce, chopped broccoli, corn, black beans, bell peppers, half of a burger, chopped, sea salt, organic coconut oil drizzled over)IMG_2333

(Omelet: 2 brown eggs with a splash of water, whisked, added to a skillet with melted butter and chopped broccoli, bit of cheese, and sprinkled with a little parsley and garlic salt, flipped and a dash of salt for good measure. DIVINE!)


(Similar salad as above with romaine and radicchio, topped with peas, corn, bell peppers, black beans, sunflower seeds, broccoli, sea salt, drizzled in organic coconut oil.)


(a luscious smoothie with a secret ingredient for the upcoming book!)


And… a sensibly sized mini chocolate cupcake with

mocha frosting to celebrate my 37th birthday – or two!!


How do you work healthier options into your busy lifestyle?

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